Debunked: Ten Conservative Myths About National Security


Really good article by Sara Robinson. How do people believe the crap they do anyway?


Liberal and Conservative Accomplishments


Liberal and Cooperative Accomplishments

• Extending the vote and civil protections to all adult Americans.
• Unemployment Insurance and Social Insurance.
• Safe and inexpensive Food and Water through enforceable regulation.
• Hoover Dam, the Tennessee Valley Authority, REA – the Rural Electrification Authority, Electric Cooperatives, without which large parts of the country would have no electricity.
• Air-conditioning and computers, the internet, satellites, GPS and more which were inventions of government sponsored programs.
• The GI Bill and State sponsored Universities providing affordable education.
• The Soil Bank

Conservative and Individual Accomplishments

• Raised taxes on wages and lowered taxes on unearned income
• Three Quarters of federal debt accumulated by three Conservative Presidents
• Massive devaluation of the dollar by the logical outcome of their belief in invisible hands and cronyism
• Massive and expensive expansion of the military to fight nonexistent threat; one at the expense of social goods like infrastructure maintenance and care for the least among us.
• A distribution of wealth approaching Latin American levels.
• Largest number of homeless and unemployed ever.
• The judicial murder of people later found innocent.
• Imprisonment of almost 2 percent of the national population including those who committed no crime against property or persons.
• Wrecking in turn each industry that they have deregulated. Banks, Airlines, Energy and other deregulated sectors fail then require reregulation.
• Wars for irrational beliefs that are against the national interest.
• Self-destructive and irrational fear, hate and ignorance.