Ronald Reagan


Reagan Myth one: he lowered taxes. This is not true. He did lower marginal income tax rates a benefit that accrued to those with the highest incomes. Then — ELEVEN TIMES — he raised taxes. He invented a new name for taxes, calling them user fees, and revenue enhancements, after that there was loophole tightening. The net effect was to raise taxes across the board, while narrowing the gap between what the haves and have not’s paid.

What other Reagan myth’s would people like to hear about?


The coming evangelical collapse |


The coming evangelical collapse |

Can’t come soon enough!



In the interests of accuracy and in order to reduce double talk I’d like to suggest we stop the equivocation around the word Christian. Let’s use Christian to describe someone who follows the doctrines of a mainstream sect of Christianity. And let’s call the Religious Right political nut jobs Christianists. Calling them Christians brings disrepute on the faith of many decent people. The suffix ism clearly separates religion from the politics of nutters, traitors and fools.

Republican Hypocrisy and Lunacy


Bill Gallagher is a terrific writer with a reality based view. Check out his column here.

Debunked: Ten Conservative Myths About National Security


Really good article by Sara Robinson. How do people believe the crap they do anyway?



If one accepts the dictionary definition of “Ally,” in what respect is Israel ours? If one uses the dictionary definition of democracy, how is Israel, a segregated society, democratic?

Here are some uncomfortable, frame breaking essays.

The Futility of Interventionism


I would contend that Western efforts to design a Western style Democratic system for another society are doomed: we cannot design their government, law or social structure; we can only prolong the agony of their own reordering of their society.

We had the power, have the power to smash any organized state, but we cannot build a new one for anyone. The power to kill is not the power to give life.

A country like Afghanistan requires either a Monarchial or Authoritarian (not specifically Totalitarian) government. Those type governments are not bound by an equalitarian view of law and custom. Equalitarianism is anathema when differences in culture are clear. And too the ethnicities overlap. Should the idea of Democracy take hold, and it may have, there will be a break up and ethnic cleansing to define new borders.