The Sky is Falling!


I read an article here about Global Warming, and I just have to go on record. Since 1998, the best empirical data show a decrease in global temperatures. The only things that show a possible increase are mathematical models, that have up to now, been hugely wrong in all their previous predictions. For east coast cities that are over 150 years old for which we have data; I found five, they remain within their temperature norms.

Glaciers are melting in some places and processing accretion in others. There are less Polar Bears than ten years ago, but more than 40 years ago. Scientific consensus too is a strange standard. In the history of science the large, certain groups have often been wrong. So what is going on?

So do humans in a peaceful prosperous society have some bizarre need to create bogeymen? The Right and Left are perhaps distinguished best by their bogeymen. We as settled civilized humans need to be resilient, resourceful, and wise. We are none of these. I hope we do some things that are sensible no matter the temp outside. I resign myself to a boondoggle which will hopefully cost less than endless war.