Ronald Reagan


Reagan Myth one: he lowered taxes. This is not true. He did lower marginal income tax rates a benefit that accrued to those with the highest incomes. Then — ELEVEN TIMES — he raised taxes. He invented a new name for taxes, calling them user fees, and revenue enhancements, after that there was loophole tightening. The net effect was to raise taxes across the board, while narrowing the gap between what the haves and have not’s paid.

What other Reagan myth’s would people like to hear about?


Primer on the Subrime Meltdown


Republican Hypocrisy and Lunacy


Bill Gallagher is a terrific writer with a reality based view. Check out his column here.

Worst Week Ever: Republicans Unhinged


I can hardly wait for the further slaughter the GOP will suffer in 2010. Becoming not just the minority party, but a minor party. If the 2008 was the GOP’s Stalingrad, then 2010 will be their Kursk, the death ride of the GOPWaffe, for you historical buffs. Essentially the GOP has decided they weren’t Rightwing enough, consequently they will be slaughtered in 2010 barring unforeseen developments.
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The GOP Gets a Swirly in 2010


In the aftermath of the election and President Obama’s first days in office, I have been observing the reactions of the GOP and its internal dynamics. My conclusion is that they are moving toward their extreme, considering that they haven’t been “Right” enough. Therefore I predict that the 2010 elections will show that they have lost the last of the reasonable center types that once voted for them. The GOP will be not merely a minority party, but a minor party only regionally relevant.

Tax Cuts and Deregulation


I wonder if people now understand that tax cuts and deregulation are not always good things? How many people still want to control their SSI through private accounts? I wonder how many people on the street bellyaching about lost money voted Republican until now. People cannot routinely make good ad hoc decisions for themselves. But, they can make good abstract decisions about how things should generally go. I hope future President Obama makes use of this to push for a paradigm shift.

Debunked: Ten Conservative Myths About National Security


Really good article by Sara Robinson. How do people believe the crap they do anyway?