The GOP Gets a Swirly in 2010


In the aftermath of the election and President Obama’s first days in office, I have been observing the reactions of the GOP and its internal dynamics. My conclusion is that they are moving toward their extreme, considering that they haven’t been “Right” enough. Therefore I predict that the 2010 elections will show that they have lost the last of the reasonable center types that once voted for them. The GOP will be not merely a minority party, but a minor party only regionally relevant.


The Obama Victory


Congratulations to him and to all of us. We have a chance to make government work, to stop the lunacy and failure of the last 30 years. And finally I hope for a happy resolution of the preexisting dichotomy of pride in country and shame in government. Whoo hoo! Our long dark tea-time of the soul may be ending at long last.

Tax Cuts and Deregulation


I wonder if people now understand that tax cuts and deregulation are not always good things? How many people still want to control their SSI through private accounts? I wonder how many people on the street bellyaching about lost money voted Republican until now. People cannot routinely make good ad hoc decisions for themselves. But, they can make good abstract decisions about how things should generally go. I hope future President Obama makes use of this to push for a paradigm shift.

John McCain and the Honor Code


I watched the recent movie about young Johnny McCain. I noted in one scene when his father was called to the boys’ school because of young Johnny’s poor academics. The father asked the principal. has Johnny broken the Honor Code: did he lie, cheat, or steal. Then, he didn’t, but now he has lied and cheated. Don’t let him steal this election too. Stop the insanity!