The Nature of Evil


Thought provoking.


This is Just A Good Article


about human nature.

News Media Bias


Here’s a story about bias. The bias come from trying to make every electoral contest a horse race, because that creates a false tension sells copy and ads. It’s a cynical, destructive approach. Lord I wish there was a news media that was useful instead of distorting.



If one accepts the dictionary definition of “Ally,” in what respect is Israel ours? If one uses the dictionary definition of democracy, how is Israel, a segregated society, democratic?

Here are some uncomfortable, frame breaking essays.

Economy in Brief and a Link


There is a reason why we face an 11 trillion dollar deficit, and banking meltdown; it is the prevailing wisdom of the last 30 years put into force without apology by the Republicans: tax cuts, deregulation, privatizing, outsourcing, off-shoring, deficit spending, and belief in a worldview that is obviously, demonstrably false. The economy boomed after the Clinton tax increase and lock in. Note that it was not the increase itself, it was the sufficiency of revenue combined with the unlikely event of further changes either up or down, that allowed for the boom. Revenue needs to be sufficeient and taxes stable.

What Are We to Do?


There is no question that our government and governing party are at the same time incompetent, arrogant, and ignorant. But they advertise themselves as such. It’s sort of their party line. I have tried for years to explain to people that there are consequences to actions, often foreseeable to persons of historical and geographic learning. But we worship when we should think, believe when we should examine, and rigid when we should be resilient. We have arrived at the logical destination of the prevailing ideology of the last 30 years. We need a paradigm shift.

John McCain and the Honor Code


I watched the recent movie about young Johnny McCain. I noted in one scene when his father was called to the boys’ school because of young Johnny’s poor academics. The father asked the principal. has Johnny broken the Honor Code: did he lie, cheat, or steal. Then, he didn’t, but now he has lied and cheated. Don’t let him steal this election too. Stop the insanity!