The Non Geek Guide to Exporting Mozilla, Firefox, Netscape, & Opera Bookmarks


The Non Geek Guide to Exporting Mozilla, Firefox, Netscape, & Opera Bookmarks

This is for the intelligent person who wants to use a computer as easily as a car, and who doesn’t want to be a mechanic of either. Firefox was recommended to me by a techie friend, and I found it useful. I figured out how most of it worked, but the FAQ’s could have been more helpful. I could not find a step by step explanation of the process of exporting bookmarks. I was surprised to find my techie friends didn’t know. I googled the question and finally found a pretty good explanation. The writer left out a small piece, but I could intuit the missing part because it logically fit in with his steps. I couldn’t find the site when I wanted to show it to another person, so I present my own effort. I will include every step under the theory that what is obvious and what is opaque varies with the reader. Please offer suggestions for improvement.

  1. Click or double click your non IE browser icon to open a browser window.

  2. Go to the Bookmarks drop down menu at the top and click on manager.

  3. A manager browser window will open. In the manager window go to the File drop down menu and click on export.

  4. A pop up window titled “Export bookmark file:” will appear. This is where you choose the save location. There are many options, for this example click on “Desktop” found on the left side of this particular window.

  5. Click on the save button. You have now created a Bookmark file! It will show the icon of your default web browser.

  6. This Bookmark file can now be imported to another browser, saved on a flash drive, or emailed as an attachment.

Hope this helps. Suggestions for improvement are welcome.