The Obama Victory

Congratulations to him and to all of us. We have a chance to make government work, to stop the lunacy and failure of the last 30 years. And finally I hope for a happy resolution of the preexisting dichotomy of pride in country and shame in government. Whoo hoo! Our long dark tea-time of the soul may be ending at long last.


2 Responses to The Obama Victory

  1. Feral Pundit says:

    You are an idiot. Wake up and earn something for yourself then see how you think.

  2. The Know-nothings come out of their cuckoo nest! I did earn something you silly ignorant fool. I simply have respect for those who came before me, and those who will come after. Your party’s ideas failed of their own contradictions, and your ideology stands rejected. Your bitterness is apparent and all you seemed to have earned Feral. Happy Obama Administration to you!

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