War Against Iran Makes no Sense; I Wish that Meant it Won’t Happen

War may happen of course. But it is useful, at least for me, to remember that humans are homicidal and not suicidal as a general rule. That being the case I wouldn’t expect a war to start unless one of the major actors thinks that they have something to gain. The Iranian government is well served by our hostility. They are really better described as gangsters than clerics, they are hated by their people, but they can resist reform and count on nationalist feeling as long as we are bellicose. I see the Iranian leadership as being quite realistic in understanding what war would mean for them, I discount their President’s rhetoric because he is an outsider with little actual power. Now our President is another matter as is our government. Many of us Americans have a strange, Manichean, comic book hero view of the world. Unfortunately that would describe the current Bush administration. It is possible that our great leaders ‘gut’ will lead us into to tragedy. And there is no telling really, what they are capable of rationalizing. We should have a sense of national shame in that we are led by people who are such an ignorant, cowardly, and inept crew. It even makes me desire a constitutional change of our whole system. We need a new governing system, based upon our actual experience 200 years in duration. The Founding Fathers did an extraordinary job; now we must carry on with the accumulated wisdom and knowledge that we have gained.

We need a new government.


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