The Arab story: the big one waiting to be told

Kouri offers us the Arab perspective concerning the armed conflict in Iraq, and the wider social conflict in Western Asia. He makes clear that his opinion is that American journalists and media outlets are missing the true picture of Iraq. Americans are focused on their own needs, feelings, and losses. The big story according to the author is the intra Arab social conflict that is distorted by incompetent and violent foreign meddling.
The author wants American readers to better understand Arab aspirations and hopes. He specifically points out that though terrorists do come from among the Arab population, that these terrorists represent a vanishingly small percent of the population, and that most Arabs want a decent life with a government that is accountable to them. The author defines three important consequences of the skewed media coverage of Iraq, and Western Asia. First, many Americans have a one-dimensionally negative, and paranoid opinion of Arabs. Second, the continuation of failed policies that are demonstrably disastrous for all parties. Third, terrorist attacks against America that are done to lash out against a symbol of their sense of their rage and humiliation.

Kouri, R. G. (July 21st 2007). The Arab story: the big one waiting to be told. Retrieved July 21st, 2007 from


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