Iraqi government in deepest crisis

This article relates to all the geographic themes. Once again the government would have us believe that despite the thorough and predictable failure of our efforts to occupy and remake Iraq, that somehow the succession of failures can add up to success. Our presence is causing the internal confluct in Iraq and putting us at risk for retaliation. It is apparent that no one in charge is a Geographer or Historian.
The author repeats the use of terms like ‘stability’ and ‘close to collapse’ to lead the reader to believe success is possible. But is it? To date no one to my knowledge has cited a model of success. We have been told this is new, but it is not. Western countries have been unable to hold non western countries in thrall when those non western countries have peoples with a sense of national identity. The brief period European neo-colonialism from the mid 18th to the mid 19th century was exceptional, not normative.
In any case this article gives credence to a patently untrue notion that ‘the mission’ is difficult, when it is impossible. What a waste!

Dagher, S. (July 27st 2007). Iraqi government in deepest crisis. Retrieved July 27st, 2007 from


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