Can Musharraf Survive?

The author discusses the prospect of the survival of Musharraf as leader of Pakistan, a brief history of Pakistan, and the impact of a radicalization of a post Musharraf nuclear armed Pakistan. The author describes briefly how Musharraf came to power and the difficulties he faces holding onto power.
Should Musharraf lose power to radical Islamists, Pakistan’s status as a nuclear armed state makes that threat a real one, unlike the imaginary threat posed by Saddam Hussein’s Iraq. The author describes the pitiful options left to the U.S. should radicals seize control of Pakistan. The author ruminates on the paradox that faces the U.S., the more it pushes Musharraf to seize Taliban strongholds in the regions bordering Afghanistan, the more it strengthens radical Islam; and threatens Musharraf overthrow. But if no action is taken, the Taliban become stronger, Musharraf can better hold onto power but is then he worthless to America, even an obstacle.

Wallerstein,I. (2007, August 1st). Can Musharraf survive? Retrieved August 5th, 2007 from


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