Barbarism and Civilization

There is a constant struggle between barbarism and civilization. The question is can one use barbarous methods to maintain, preserve, or extend civilization? Or, are we simply barbarous when we use barbarous methods. We westerners have been interfering in the Mideast since WW1. Not with honest conquest, but with subversion. Are we better off for it? Our methods undermined democracy at each turn, so it is no surprise that religious zealots are the only people with cojones to fight, when it seems hopeless. The longer this fight goes on, the stronger will be the Islamic Religious Right. Prosperity on the other hand would be a stake through the heart of extremism. Apocalyptic alarmist is the order of the day for both the Right and the Left. It would be amusing, if I didn’t have to live thru ignorant nonsense too.

Since, for example, Hamas and Hezbollah came into existence as response to Israeli military policies in Lebanon & the Occupied Territories, why would it be reasonable to conclude that continuation and extension of the same military policies will defeat them?


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