H. Res. 766

This bill H. Res. 766 passed with 100% Republican support and 100% Democratic opposition (at the time). The bill allows the House of Representatives to go forward with a vote on H. Con. Res. 376, without amendment, the resolution funding the House of Representative for the following year, and setting target for the years 2008-2011.

This type of bill is known as a House Simple Resolution. A proposal of this kind needs neither the Senate nor the President to concur, because it deals only with internal rules of the House. “Simple resolutions are considered in, adopted in, and effective only in the chamber in which they were proposed, and are not sent to the President for approval or signature”.

The reason for the straight party line vote is the routine, or housekeeping, nature of the resolution. It was not amended or debated. The Bill was introduced and reported on in one day and passed without exception, the next. This resolution set the stage for introduction of the funding resolution itself. The House GOP leadership wished to control the process and keep opposition speechmaking to a minimum.

This ensures continuing majority party perks. Because the Bill funds those perks it is easier to keep party discipline, the incentives line up along party lines. There are no policy decisions contained therein and no likelihood that a given Representative will have to explain the Bill to a constituent, as they would with other Bills of interest.

The seeming is that the rare occasions when we find straight party line votes has more to do with perks than ideas.


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