The Armenian Massacre

Just an idea regarding the Armenian massacre resolution in Congress, and why now. If the Turks close our bases in Turkey and close their airspace to our over flights, the U.S. would be hard pressed to attack Iran. Because our base in Incirlak Turkey, and even our NATO based aircraft would be irrelevant; there would be an airspace cordon protecting Iran. We can’t base aircraft extensively in Iraq because it is insecure. Basing the necessary aircraft in the variety of other gulf Arab states has a political risk. So we are stuck with B-52’s out of Diego Garcia. They are powerful and carry an enormous payload, yet they are area bombers unless refitted. Any plan to attack Iran would require our NATO based air power which becomes useless unless we cross borders without permission. Perhaps the thought is to prevent an attack on Iran by alienating Turkey. Or maybe it is better explained by chaos theory. Besides the statement doesn’t criticze the Kurds for carrying out the massacre under Turkish aegis.


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