Congress v. Executive: Winner Declared

For example the military on one hand vis-à-vis the Executive Branch Pentagon and the interlocking corporate entities that benefit so much from its policies. The military in the future may inherit executive power should the executive branch succeed in first pulling gaining all power and then fail from systemic corruption and incompetence. The military itself thought to be largely free from both at least these days, up to the level of Lt. Colonel. Above that rank, politics begins to intrude on promotion.

The Congress once could audit accounts of federal departments. They would pass budgets individually for each department of the Federal government and stipulate the sub account for each spending category. A shortfall would be made good by a special appropriation. Now Congress votes on one omnibus budget bill. It is unreadable and hard to decipher. The Executive Branch has successfully asserted their ‘right’ to move money between sub accounts and have control of the audit process. When in 1996 Congress tried to broadly withhold funds, they failed completely. Now congress has no access to executive branch routine doings. The stupid f*ck in the White House has through his incompetence and lack of grace shown us the unconstitutional nature of power now accrued to the executive branch. Congress is window dressing, giving the appearance of representation.

We need a new government.


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