Libertarian Redux

Libertarianism is a peculiarly American delusion. It is predicated upon the theory that the losers in this system will quietly and without untoward inconvenience, die.

It is really a way for those with control of property to reduce the costs associated with property protection to the lowest possible level. Libertarians are utopians; their system if tried would end up like ‘The Lord of the Flies.’

Libertarians treat historical advantage and societal benefits as a free good. They seek to avoid payment due for benefits received and would short change the future of their Society for their own immediate enrichment. Libertarians seem to think they have a superior understanding of economics. Yet perversely see some needs or goods as free. Libertarians are advised: “There is no free lunch.”

Libertarians see government as an enemy: alien and oppressive. Somalia in the 1990’s is a good example of a country without a government, funny they haven’t moved there. They think their view flows from nature, when in fact it is an artificial construct. Nature has no respect for property and boundaries contrived by man. In Nature one can have a territory if one will constantly defend it: Libertarians one could say want the territory for free.

In nature survival of the fittest refers solely to reproduction. That is to say a handsome wealthy couple with no children are less fit, while an ugly drunk couple with ten rotten kids are more fit. Nature has no need for non-reproducing egomaniacs.

This is not to say I am opposed to limited government. In fact I desire it, but I am willing to see myself in a continuum: we all have debts toward our ancestors and obligations to our descendants. Libertarians Blank Out mentally on this concept.

I suggest that the way to accomplish societal administration in a non-intrusive way would be for a dynamic balance between the individual and society. Things that protect and enhance property should be paid for by taxing property: Military, Police, Courts. Things that advantage the individual should be paid for by taxing the individual: Health Care, Education, and Pension. Taxes sensibly would bear more heavily on those better able to pay. Taxes should be transparent and knowable and the revenue streams should be clear.

The American Federal budget is a complete f up in large part to opaque bookkeeping and a cash drawer mentality. This is getting a little American here. Americans don’t get hegemony. At all. Americans are unaware of our extensive global military presence, its costs versus benefits and consequences.

The typical American is educated to work, not to think critically; Geography, History, Music etc are given short shrift. So, it is news even to college educated Americans how our country benefits or loses from the global system we were instrumental in creating. Our leaders are ignorant and corrupt and they lead through fear and false patriotism. These are sad times in America.


2 Responses to Libertarian Redux

  1. Brig says:

    I like your article – well said, and coincidentally, I agree with your analysis of the Libertarian non-doctrine. However, taking a positive outlook, I don’t say these are sad times. We have made serious mistakes, but I believe an America true to its founding principles will once again emerge. Keep fighting (writing and spreading the truth)!

  2. Thanks Brig, I appreciate it. You’re right too, that there is reason to be positive. I hope we can find a way to both return to our founding principles and use our more than two centuries of experiance to make useful adjustments for the future.

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