Magical Thinking or Just Delusional?

I do wonder why it is that so many will resist the evidence of their own observations. Some people, like me, saw the outcome of the blunder in Iraq as likely to be very detrimental to our interests, way before the first shot was fired. Not prognosticating just widely read in geopolitics and military history.

Again the hysteria over Iran or DPRK is adverse to our best interests. The real threats we face are all internal, looting the wealth of entrepreneurs, scientists, engineers, and wage earners by capital pirates. The crappification of our schools. And the growth of a radical sectarian religious movement fueled by the lunacy of its leaders and the credulity of its led.

These are all self created problems whose solution is entirely domestic. This period after WW2 gave us an unprecedented chance to finally make a decent society. We are blowing it by stages, fearful when we should be confident and petty when we should be great.


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