The Real High Ground Lost

China has launched at satellite killing satellite. While the Bush Administration was starting futile conventional wars that are contrary to U.S. national interests and private bureaucracies known as corporations were outsourcing vital aspects of our economy, the Chinese stole a march on us: A Long March.

This will have the utmost significance in the mid and long term future. This is a critical national security issue, and we as a nation are unprepared. Terrorists and dictators and other bogeyman were never the threat. We have ceded space without a shot being fired.

America is being run in an entirely irrational fashion, by soft handed double dealers and cheats. The public has been fooled, because they act the fool.

We need a new government. We need informed people. Soon.


3 Responses to The Real High Ground Lost

  1. ggwfung says:

    This division between nations is something so remnant of the 19th Century. China and the US are so intermeshed economically, that one cannot survive without the other now. China produces all these cheap electronics that Japan once used to be the master of, and the US pays for in real currency. They are interlinked.

    Why this mutual fear?


  2. ggwfung:

    Why the fear you ask. Well, for one thing the two governments cannot coordinate policies, a common trait the Chinese and American governments share seems the inability to hear what others say.

    More specifically American fear is caused by a variety of things. First and foremost is our national mindset that we are a “good” and pursue universally “good” policies, therefore when other nations pursue their national policy, if it clashes with our own, we see them as “bad” and even nefarious. We are the only country ever to use nuclear weapons, we are still trying to persuade ourselves it was justified, we cover that insecurity with bravado, and we fear them. We have clandestinely and openly interfered in the affairs of other countries to their determent, and fear others would do the same. We have naval, land, and air forces all over the world and are surprised that other s would object, though we would react violently to other nations doing as we do. We committed genocide on the American Indian, and enslaved and ill-treated the Black American, and in our guilt have to find other nations do worse things than us. We have no sense of history’s flow, and cannot understand why the U.S. today doesn’t have today the relative power we had 50 years ago, when Europe, Russia, China, and Japan were devastated, and the rest of Asia severely under developed. We judge ourselves and other countries by different standards and we are irrational. Americans have a sense of power and national standing slipping away and cannot see that some of that is inevitable, and the rest due to our policies. Since they cannot see the policies as bad, they have to see them as failures of execution, and that we must redouble our efforts and excoriate the critics: though that in reality hastens the decline. That in short covers it.

    It is not likely that America will figure this out soon, I would suggest the Chinese government, if they can in their own internal political dynamic, figure a way to address America’s need and their own too, and take good care in the presentation.

  3. tyger says:

    If the West has nothing to fear, why is Chinese military spending increasing exponentially (way, way above the official figure)?

    Taiwan people, Taiwan.

    Get yourself a history book, read about China’s post-war turmoil.

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