Wake up America!

We like to think we have a two party system. In fact we have a one party state, with factions. If the Democrats were fundamentally different from the Republicans they would propose and enact fundamentally different policies: but they just fuss around the margins of policy. If the Democrats were not part of the same party system they would impeach George W. Bush (Worst President Ever) for high crimes and misdemeanors. But that isn’t even on the table. It would deligitimize the phony and corrupt “Two-Party” system to have impeachment related to official capacity, instead of personal foibles.

Again that is because they are part of the same party system. There may be “Two Party’s” as a brand idea, but they are one party in fact and practice. The system is not self reforming and the people are mysteriously satisfied with a change in the window dressing of government. People are so busy working and entertaining themselves that they have forgotten to engage themselves in politics. The minimal peripheral attention they give politics is well suited to the propaganda of fear.

We need a new government. We need real news, and independent media. We need a citizenry politically engaged. We need to run the fools and fear-mongers, thieves and cowards, sanctimonious bigots and irrational sociopaths out of our government. We need a government in which the informed consent of we the people matters, and the consent of foreign and domestic vested interests, have no place.

Wake up America!


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