To The Religious of My Fellow Countrymen

When is enough? I try to distinguish between people of faith and spirituality from those who are political sectarians, but it is getting harder.

There is a big difference between having faith oneself, and forcing that faith on others through the political process. Where is the internal restraint from the religious side? The compromise of religion with political power and material wealth always corrupts the church. It is an absolute; an article of faith. The message of faith is always lost in the halls of power.

There seems to be a desire among the faithful to have people with similar beliefs in office. That in itself is reasonable. The method used in our country fails. You religious folk are judging whether someone has your values by party labels and campaign rhetoric. Those are always lies.

If the faithful of this country want simple people of faith in office, they must look to the lives that these candidates lead, not ever, what they say. You have chosen Karl Rove over John Danforth. A fine speech of family values by a candidate who lives a life of debauchery, dishonesty and sin, shouldn’t sway the faithful, but it does.

I accuse the faithful of laziness and sloth, and suggest that their litmus test require a life lived according to their teachings, not sanctimonious speeches. Then they can regain their self respect, and remove the suspicion of other believers and non believers.


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