The Surge: A Gamble with No Prospect of Success

The “surge” will apparently take place; I’d like to go on record as saying that: not only will this fail too; it will give the impression of being our maximum effort, which till the surge would have been a question mark for many. This further failure will embolden the Iraqi partisans/guerrillas.  But will it topple a criminally incompetent,
America betraying, chief executive?  

The military have a “can do” attitude; it colors their judgment.  They will try their utmost, though they cannot succeed.  The military has been betrayed by the President and his regime. 

The U.S. went into
Iraq with no plan, just hopes and dreams.
  It would have taken about 60,000 troops, Armor, Mech., and Air Cavalry to overthrow Saddam. It would have taken about 400,000 troops of all kinds to overthrow Saddam, secure the country, and create a provisional government: if the Iraqi’s supported us and
Kurdistan was allowed to break away.  It will take 2.5 million troops of all kinds, plus civilian/paramilitary officials to secure
Iraq now against the will of the Iraqi’s.  And then
Iraq will only be secure while we have 2.5 million troops there. It will revert to type, as soon as we leave. There is no true model of permanent success: some ideas are just plain bad. 

We need a new government.


2 Responses to The Surge: A Gamble with No Prospect of Success

  1. tyger says:

    As you said over on tygerland, the coalition leadership ignored the British experience in Malaya (my Grandfather was out there as a matter of fact) and thought they could create their own reality, regardless of what experience and history had to say. Imperial hubris.

  2. Imperial hubris indeed, and a triumph of belief over fact. This will make later failure even greater, but one cannot reason with believers. “If you’re going to tell people the truth, you better make them laugh; otherwise they’ll kill you.” – George Bernard Shaw

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