Saddam and the Hooligans

I have seen the footage of Saddam’s execution; I can only shake my head in disbelief. The guards were not uniformed, and showed no gravitas or military bearing. They seemed like sectarian thugs for one of
Iraq’s political factions, undisciplined and unqualified for the task.

Saddam went to his death with dignity and courage, and presence: dressing down his executioners for the shambolic train wreck they made of an historic event. In his last moments, Saddam’s impeccable behavior made him finally human and sympathetic, simply a man facing death with grace; not the tyrant and mass murderer we know him to have been. Of all the scenarios of Saddam’s demise that have been bandied about for lo these 14 years, none of them included Saddam as a sympathetic figure.  

How could they screw this up? How in fact is it possible for the Bush Administrations to always be wrong, and fuck up all and sundry? Statistical probability should allow them some successes: it is really quite extraordinary.  

We need a new government.


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