Saddam Hanged

Saddam is dead, and nothing will change because of it. Saddam was never the leader of the partisan resistance, or guerilla factions; his supporters constituted a small number.

The idea of the nation of Iraq itself is a bad one: I have said this repeatedly. Saddam’s methods alone held Iraq together, little else has worked since its inception after WW1; that goes to show that “Iraq” is an ill conceived idea. Western countries cannot successfully colonize, administer, or occupy foreign nations that are nationalistically self aware. You have to slaughter them, and bring settlers, like the Europeans did in the new world. If a people understand that being colonized makes them lesser persons, in a world that gives lip service to equality and practices racism, they will resist that humiliation. Can anyone honestly think they themselves would not fight a foreign occupying army in their own country? 

Military power has little utility by itself, but it has some when combined with a practicable political policy. Our government is confused about what that is: and in a nation of 300 million, we wait on the “gut” of an unlearned alcoholic, reminiscent of the French Bourbons who “learned nothing and forgot nothing.” We could have gone into Baghdad, hanged Saddam and his top X crony’s, split off Kurdistan, ceded some territory to Jordan, and left. That was the limit of the possible.  Occupations take a mindset that we don’t have, and an eyes open ruthlessness we lack. U.S. troops will leave “Iraq” one day, and then the inhabitants can get on with making their own political settlement. Every dollar, and drop of blood expended since Saddam’s government was toppled has been for nothing.

We need a new government.


3 Responses to Saddam Hanged

  1. Rob says:

    I thought the same thing today when I heard of the execution. Things won’t get worse or better because of it, and I wondered why the talking heads were entertaining that very discussion.

    Enjoyed this post, and agreed with everything.

  2. Thanks Rob for saying so. I wish it were otherwise.

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