Texas Speaker of the House, Tom Craddick

Tom Craddick is the current Speaker of the House in Texas. He will be up for re-election when the house reconvenes for its new session. Here is an interesting fact about a man who knows how to look out for number one. While in the Texas Legislature, State Representative Tom Craddick pushed passage of the (FCUC) Former COBRA Uninsured Children provision of the Texas State Uniform Group Insurance Plan (UGIP): sometimes known as the Craddick Law. This special provision allowed lifetime eligibility in the state employee insurance coverage for the adult children of state employees, who had maintained COBRA coverage after they aged out of the dependant coverage eligibility. If the dependant child was covered at age out; then paid COBRA premiums for 36 months, they became eligible for lifetime insurance coverage should they elect to pay the premium. This was a remarkably valuable perk for state employees and legislators who had disabled and otherwise uninsurable children like Tom Craddick.

A system that rewards crud like Craddick is defective. Craddick is just being true to his nature, the system needs change.


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