Military v. Political

People often seem to minimize or exaggerate what the military can accomplish: the same with political. Often this seems to be a problem of words and definitions. Political solutions can encompass and include the military, diplomatic, economic and other means. The military is simply that.   As an example of what I mean take the U.S. Civil War. It originated out of a political problem whose roots were moral and economic. A time came when one side decided to abandon the comprehensive political approach to a solely military one: as we are wont to do today. The other side had recourse to arms as well. After a titanic struggle lasting years and consuming the youth and wealth of the nation, one side won a total victory. Military means quite satisfactorily settled the question of secession. But military means failed utterly to settle the issue of equality for all Americans. Though Black Americans were no longer slaves, they were hardly free or equal. That took 100 hundred years and a political solution.  The same holds true elsewhere. Our military settled the question of whether Saddam could steer Iraq in an unacceptable direction. But it cannot settle the question of who will steer
Iraq and where to, because it is a political not a military problem. The powerful fools who run our country and the overworked under-educated populace at large cannot fix this within the rules and incentives that operate in America. That is why we need a new government.


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