Foreign Policy Wrap Up


We should reengage Europe, western, northern and central
Europe. The part of
Europe that is Western in orientation, democratic, and politically settled. We should have the Dollar and Euro move toward a fixed rate of exchange, allowing country’s to opt out of the Euro. There should be more cooperation and standardization of law, currency, military and diplomatic enterprises.


Russia must be treated as a partner, but not an ally. We both have a need to check Chinese hegemony. And in concert with America’s allies, Russia and
India that should be doable. Russian Balkans or


Central America, the Caribbean, the Colombia, and
Venezuela are bordering or near bordering states in which we have an interest. We have no need to accept hostile regimes, but we also have no need to interfere in internal development. American investors should not be able to call on the power of the Federal Government to insure their investments. As long as American investors receive equal or superior protection compared with other foreign investors we should keep our hands off. We should prevent any foreign power from outside the region from establishing bases of any kind in these territories. But these countries must be allowed to determine their own social and economic order, as any democratic and self a ware people must.

The further states of
South America have the wherewithal to develop their own economies and power. This is no threat to the U.S. Strong; stable states are in our interests, but beyond our ability to manufacture.


North Africa, like the Balkans is not worth the effort of intervention. Although they should be prevented form exporting their domestic political and cultural problems abroad. 

Africa is such a tragedy. Western interference has destroyed the olds way and replaces them with nothing. It is the great misfortune of Africans that their continent contains minerals prized abroad. They need both a macro and micro solution. The micro solution is to further break down the artificial and nonsensical boundaries of those nations into more ethnically homogenous and territorially compact areas. The macro solution is for an All Africa Mineral Resource authority to be the agent for all sales of African resources. Accounting transparency, wealth sharing, and protection in law are vital.
Africa needs roads, bridges, tunnels, canal, sea ports, railways, education, industry, agriculture, and health care, paid police and civil bureaucrats for the modern world. They could use the mineral wealth that is so richly and unevenly distributed toward rational progress and development. They need the internal and external dynamics of their political situation to change.


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