Britain and the U.S.A.

Britain won’t regain the preeminence it once enjoyed, neither will the USA. The USA’s bizarre and counter productive military efforts beginning with Vietnam have served to hasten its own decline. Ceaseless repetition of the same actions with the expectation of differing results is not rational.

Both countries would do well to cease chasing the divergent and irrational dreams of global hegemony not called hegemony, and free trade that is not free. They should combine with each other and other closely related countries to regain hegemony over their own domestic economies.

The militarization of foreign policy will lead to further economic decline and finally military defeat. The truth is neither country faces grave external foes, they are primarily domestic.


2 Responses to Britain and the U.S.A.

  1. tyger says:

    Planned imperial decline – the only way to go.

    Although, to be fair, even planned dismantling of the British Empire led to thirty years of economic decline. It also cost us immeasurably in ournational conscience – we lost confidence in ourselves, became a nation of can’t dos.

  2. That’s a good point. Thanks Tyger.

    Might we say it is the myths that we tell us about ourselves that affect our national mood? What if Britain had withdrawn from colonies in a sense of victory; that these former colonies had been raised up by association with Britain, who did their best as they saw it at the time, albeit imperfectly. The wretched failures and avarice involved are there, but so too it is mixed with an uplifting spririt. Perhaps better to have left the colonial peoples alone, but at least Britain learned something and changed course.

    America would have done well to leave off expansion after Hawaii and Cuba.

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