What I would Do Now: Foreign Policy Two

The Northeastern Asia and the Pacific North:

The irritating distraction that is North Korea can be addressed, but first we have to know what our own goals are. I’d suggest that our goals generally should be to bind the three nations that are Western friendly, elective in government and prosperous, to us thru alliance and trade. They are Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea.

We should do this for both positive and negative reasons. Individually these countries cannot stand up to China. In conjunction with the U.S. the four deploy enough strength to become for all practical purposes not worth attacking. The U.S. can lead all three, but none of the three can lead the other two. Without the U.S. they will be divided and politically neutralized in detail by China. This will help extend and defend the nations that are Western oriented elected governments. These are self generated democracies and worth defending. This is incidentally the way to expand democracy. One nation cannot crash into another and make them democratic, but should a nation do so itself, we can lend our power to prevent democracy from being overturned from outside.

Once we have a four nation alliance of strength, purpose and unity I would a) recognize Taiwan as a sovereign and independent nation, b) recognize North Korea, and sign a peace treaty & non-aggression pact. I would stipulate no conditions beyond those contained in the non-aggression pact. And then I would aim North Korea at the Chinese and Russians, advising the North Korean government that the U.S. would recognize North Korea’s right to sovereignty over areas controlled by China and Russia that are currently or historically populated by Koreans, something like 25% of Koreans worldwide live in China or Russia.

Subsequently, I would try to move this alliance toward a rationalized system of trading regimes and a fixed currency exchange mechanism to our mutual benefit, and as part of my policy to bind together like-minded nations with the U.S. as the leading member but not the hegemon. Isolation and hegemony fail over time consistently, and sometimes quite dramatically. An organic agglomeration of free, peaceful, and prosperous nations that combine mutual respect for internal sovereignty with coordinated external policy will be unassailable by conventional means. They will have to be vigilant to guard against internally generated, self destructive policies enacted out of fear or greed, or for short term gain..

The current set of buffoons who run things, may possibly be replaced by a new set of buffoons, yet the systemic problems remain. We really need a new government.


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