Is it Still A Failure if we Convince Ourselves Otherwise?

The Bush Administration has failed in every particular. It is hard to know which is the dominant impulse in the administration: incompetence, arrogance, corruption, treason, unaccountability or the rest. The war in Iraq was begun under a false claim of WMD’s, later bolstered by a ludicrous claim of democratization and stabilization.

This war isn’t winnable, and it has never has been. It is not a matter of ‘will’ it is a matter of human nature. There is not one modern example of non westerners welcoming a western remaking of their society, or of a successful occupation. And that is not surprising, no one wants foreign occupation troops, ever.

If I had a plumber work on my house, and he left the plumbing in worse shape than ever, and my basement flooded, no one would blame the water. It is only in politics where we get cause and effect so screwed up. Bush is a failure; to doggedly support his failure is stupid and disloyal to the country.

We need a new government.


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