Is the U.S. Government, Monarchial in Nature?

I am neither right wing nor left wing, or even on the spectrum between those two poles. I see many possibilities and am not wedded to any ideology.

I read the constitution to understand what it says. I do not conveniently discover what I think is a wise or useful addition. I advocate explicit amendment, when a deficiency or needed improvement is identified. The amendment process is widely disregarded in favor of faddish situational interpretations by the powers that be. I accuse the left/right axis of disregarding the constitution while paying it lip service.

For example, the court system could be compared to an established church: in the sense that their authority is in a moral realm. The courts can’t actually enforce anything, they can’t make policy, but they can randomize results and gum up the works. Judges are like Bishops, and Canons, appointed by the government with lifetime sinecures. The constitution is like a holy book, mystical and full of undiscovered doctrine, and capitalism is the ruthless; double talking god.

The congress represents the interests of the nobles, mediated by the agency of lobbyists/courtiers. Sovereign authority is grafted onto a feudal structure and called a corporation: without reference to democratic or republican principles it is monarchical. The states fill the role of local magistrates and give the appearance of popular representation, while our first past the post system by its nature leaves the larger population unrepresented.

The President is like an elected monarch, chosen by electors representing various vested interests, and selected from a narrow, vetted, and low quality pool; in practice unaccountable to the citizenry. Instead of servant to the congress and accountable to them, the Presidency has usurped extra constitutional authority. The office is perpetuated, the change of occupant is less important than the aggrandizement of power.

Like a monarchy, changes are cosmetic, money is handled secretly, the same insiders endure, and the Star Chamber operates. And brilliantly, people here are placated with the opportunity to vote, wherein they choose between two nonentities, both of whom will perpetuate the status quo.

There is no separation of powers, it is merely the duplication of authority and lack of accountability that makes that seem like a reasonable statement. There is no popularly elected official in the federal government and few in the states. There is no cause and effect, only correlation between votes and outcomes. The U.S. Federal, State and local governments are not democratic; they’re not republican either, and they are not accountable.

We need a new government: one that is open, democratic, and accountable, for a change.


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