Iraq Irrationality

The use of military force and its ramifications are not well understood by most people, including apparently our leaders. And an opinion formed through Radio, TV & Movie, is an ill informed opinion, of no value, and usually counter productive. The current leadership of our country is truly ignorant in regard to what is militarilly achievable. Perhaps that is to be expected from those who operate from belief rather than empiricism.

I am not opposed to the use of force; in fact I wouldn’t even save it for a last resort. I would use force if it was the best method toward a wise goal. It is important to have rational goals. Invading a country to make it democratic is lunacy, and can never work. In fact since the end of the Second World War all guerrilla movements, insurgencies in today’s parlance have succeeded despite and because of military resistance of a great power.

The French in Algeria, the British in Malaysia, and the Soviets in Afghanistan showed us that military victory can be achieved and that political failure can still be the outcome. The examples are so numerous that one has to wonder at the human minds ability to trump knowledge with belief. Even those who couldn’t see it in advance, should see it now, the war in Iraq is an obvious failure, the longer it goes on the worse it will be for all involved nations. It was and is not winnable and that is plain.

The irrational certitudes of ideological or religious belief are strangely and readily accepted and empirical evidence is not even acknowledged. I wonder what it is in people, which would make them want to believe something to be true when it is demonstrably false?


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