Ideology the Driving Force


The driving force of the conflict between Western countries and Arabs may be ideology, but it’s our own. It may be religion, the tree of Abraham is usually drenched in blood. The Religious Right in Islam are the only people with the sand to fight both us and their own governments. I doubt the rise of the Islamic Religious Right could have occurred without incessant Western interference. They had to fight there way to power, peace and prosperity would have choked the Religious Right in Islam. We have engendered enormous ill will and yet failed to accomplish our goals.

The West has forcefully intervened in the Mideast during and after WW1. We back corrupt, repressive, and illegitimate governments. We, the U.S., have had troops and vessels in their territories in large numbers since 1979. Arabs see Israel as a European lodgment and want their land back. Lets not reverse cause and effect. They attacked us after we put our troops in their country. The more we apply force the worse off we seem to be. Maybe we should consider or goals, and reconsider our methods.

Staying the course only makes sense if the course will take you where you want to go; sometimes one must stop and ask for directions. We need a new government, one run that is rational and above board.


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