Arab Israeli Wars


This latest spasm in the Mideast will pass. Violence will continue and there will never really be peace until a fundamental and overlooked problem is addressed. Where will the Arab people who once lived in Israel, live now?

In 1914, 92% of the people of Israel/Palestine were Arabs. These Arabs, whether late comers or centuries old timers have been forced off their land, and herded into ghettoized enclaves, where they are deprived of basic human dignity and place. They have no work, they have no land, they have no hope. What do you all expect them to do? What would anyone do if they were forced off the families land, imprisoned and humiliated? Might you hate them? American’s can look to our own history and recall how much occupying armies are hated, and we all had the same religion and language.

The nationalities of Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Saudi Arabia are all generally agreed upon fictions. The West drew these borders without regard to the Arabs, or geography. After 83 years there is some coalescence around these stunted countries, but none of them function well. This is a problem for Israel and the displaced Arabs both. Were there a large and unified Arab nation, Israel would have a negotiating partner, and the displaced Arabs would have a country. The current fragmented situation leaves no authority amongst the Arab people and nowhere to go, and allows Iran, an economic basket case, to meddle at will. There can be no resolution under the current model.

In Israel we see a country that has taken military and intelligence effectiveness to probably, a practical limit on human endeavor. Israel has won some extraordinary victories, yet still has no peace. This should give one pause. America would do well to observe that adopting similar polices will likely have similar outcomes. We should note that throughout history nations with good a military and bad politics have usually succumbed. U.S, support has augmented the Israeli economy and military, and prevented outside intervention, can they rely on that forever? Israel is playing a very dangerous game, and the U.S. Is facilitating distorted outcomes.

The people and leaders of Israel, find military victories more ambiguous and elusive, and less viscerally satisfying. While they still have power enough, they should consider whether real security lies in the gun as practiced or in accommodation such as the U.S. And Canada. Canada and the U.S. Are at peace because of good enough policy, and mutual recognition of the others humanity and interests. Canada and the U.S. have the longest undefended border in the world, we do not have the best defended border in three world.

So, people of Israel, you have the whip hand. You may want to recall that it was Europeans, not Arabs who committed the holocaust. You must decide what to do with these people over whom you rule, you must either accommodate them, or slaughter and relocate them. What is it to be Cyrus the Great or Sargon II? It is long past time (1967) when this decision had to be made. The longer the current cruel paradigm continues the more pernicious the effect on the culture of Israel. Warfare is full of unsavory consequences even in victory, let alone defeat.

Tick tock, what will you do?


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