Unconstitutional Government


The electoral system gave us President Bush in 2000, not the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court halted a recount without standard, for a dismally incompetent or tainted Florida election. The Supreme Court once again showed its uselessness, as I have described before. The court once again, ham handedly settled no policy or electoral questions, and left us with no thoughtful wisdom. Does anyone know what was scheduled to occur the day after the courts weighty yet thoughtless decision was made. I’ll tell you! The Florida legislature was going to meet to certify a slate of electors to vote for GWB. To rephrase, the Florida legislature was going to choose Florida’s electors without reference to the popular will. And that was constitutional. An ethical Congress would have found Florida’s slate not in good order and excluded them from the Electoral College.

We do not and never have elected president’s with the popular vote. The popular votes relationship to the selection of the president is imagined. It is like saying that because it usually rains after I wash my car, that the act of car washing causes the rain. Typically a given states electoral votes go for the candidate who represents the legislative majority party. Most countrymen get caught up in which of the two major party candidates is the lesser of two evils, and never notice that there is dramatic inadequacy in our presentation of two special interest vetted candidates and that the game is fixed even when the popular vote is in line with the Electoral College.

America needs a different way of qualifying and electing Presidential candidates, and reigning in the monarchical presidency that crushes the constitution. The Executive branch is wildly exceeding its mandate no matter what crook the party’s install. The President is the chief administrator of government functions. He or she is supposed to report to Congress not ignore them, or lie to them. Now the Congress is full of corrupt windbags, but that doesn’t charge the constitution. The notion of the Unitary Executive, Executive Privilege, Bush II’s take on signing statements and other arrogations of power to the executive are unconstitutional. The Congress is surely impossible to work with, but again, that doesn’t change the constitution.

Probably it is time, and long past, to review the evidence of our history and experience, to bear in mind our national goals and reform our system. We need a new government.


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  1. tyger says:

    The UK system works much the same way.

    BTW Welcome to the tygerland blogroll


  2. We two Anglo-Saxon nations do share a bit. And thanks Tyger!

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