The Gang that couldn’t Shoot Straight Aims for Iran.

Since the Iranian leadership states that Iran doesn’t want nuclear weapons, and stipulated arguable reasons for pursuing peaceful nuclear energy, shouldn’t we have proof that they are pursuing nuclear energy before we make threats? There is a much hysteria and situational rhetoric around this, and very little fact. Could the same government that was wrong about Iraq’s NBC weapons programs be wrong about Iran? Yes. Can anyone point to actual proof that Iran has a nuclear weapon program? No.

Nuclear proliferation is already occurring, but it is not Iran, it is Pakistan that is the proliferate. A.Q. Khan, with the assistance of the Pakistani Intelligence community has widely disseminated nuclear know how. Why does Pakistan get a by on that? Pakistan has been and still is harboring anti western terrorists and Taliban. Why is this all ignored? Whose purpose is being served? Certainly not the American people.

I don’t like the Iranian government. The leadership are gangsters, they’re looting the country, they’re oppressing their own people, yet that isn’t a threat to the U.S.. The Iranian regime has changed its tactics since its inauspicious beginnings. No terrorism has been directed by Iran toward the U.S. in around 17 years. The Iranian people held a candle light vigil for the 911 terrorist attacks. The Iranian government tried to open dialogue with the U.S. in 2003 A.D.. Our American government has failed to respond. We remember their wrongs and brush aside our own. Diplomatic exchange doesn’t require either side to like the other, it is simply real world recognition of who runs what.

So Iranians still march in the streets eh. And American TV loudmouths still incite fear eh. How about everybody grow up. We should acknowledge our history as they should acknowledge their own. I’d like the Iranian government to say the hostage taking in ’79 was wrong. By the same standard we could acknowledge that overthrowing the democratically elected government of Iran in ’52 was tragic. Americans should at least do some opposition research, what makes these guys tick. I’ll get it started: they want money and power. Iran has a crappy economy, the main export is oil. No westerner is clamoring for Iranian cars, radio, clothes or anything. What else have they got to sell but oil? Also the oil will run out one day. So, it makes sense to buy nuclear energy production plant while you can and maximize cash sales of oil. On the power side, the Iranian leadership is caught between their greed and their brittle hold on power. A large part of the population wants this government gone. Foreign aggression would completely upset their apple cart, they would possibility lose control of the country in an aggressive war. Patriotic war is another story. We Americans should know that when trouble comes people will rally to the colors of their people. My family remembers. And as we all should know by now, the notion of the short victorious war is a fatal siren song.

We Americans could help ourselves by doing a few simple things. Educate ourselves in our history and the history and culture of those we wish to engage. Talk, but listen as well. Have goals of national interest and avoid double talk. Remember that we are top of the heap right now, the only way to upset that, quickly, is through the exigencies of war. We have all the good cards, which is we have military force that can smash Iran, but not occupy it. We are also right on their border. For my part if Iran had troops in Mexico and carriers of the coast I’d be mad. Do you think they could be too?


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