God isn’t Worth a Damn.

God isn’t worth a damn. The Religious Right, in this country and abroad have created a
demented version of God, who wouldn’t be worth worshiping if true. The idea that a god who created the entire universe needs anyone’s help or approval is absurd. The idea that a mortal human could comprehend the vast depths of a god who could create the universe is fantastic.

The Religious Right in America seem unacquainted with the teachings of Christ. The Religious Right here, like elsewhere, are more interested in political and economic control than Christ’s teachings. The Religious Right are at the least Manichean heretics and blasphemers. They read the Bible they say, they interpret it literally they say, but they simply pick what suits and then interpret it narrowly and rigidly. In fact they do the opposite of what Christ taught as routine. When I think of Christ I think of a man who would stop to aid a homeless wretch lying on the sidewalk or feed a hungry child. When I think of a Religious Rightist, I think of a person who would step over a homeless man, pass by a hungry child, hop into his Lexus to rush to a bible meeting where they tell him he’s just great.

The people who crave judgmental certitude created a small, vindictive and magical god who would do their bidding. Born in the U.S.A lately… you’re in luck God chose you! Unlike all the previous people who thought God chose them because of the fortunate time and place of their birth, this time it’s for real. The arrogance and self deception required to think ones group alone understands God are stunning. Then to take action based on that mania, to raise the Holy Banner and smite those who disagree and blame God is madness.

It should be no surprise that people who believe they have exclusive knowledge of and sanction by God are killers. The terrorism of this day and age come from Religious Right monotheists of the Abrahamic tradition, like Tim McVeigh, Osama and Menachem Begin. There is no war on terror, there isn’t a clash of civilizations, there is just the ongoing saga of bloodshed that is the essence of monotheistic true believers. God may or may not exist. But the god described by the Religious Right isn’t worth the candle, and not a damn bit good.


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